Body Metaphors / Metáforas corporales

A unexhaustive list of English meanings based in body metaphors:

  • to head
  • to hand
  • to eye
  • to arm
  • to foot
  • to shoulder
  • to front
  • to back
  • to face
  • to rib
  • to butt (in/out)
  • to brace (from Old French brace, braz)
  • to embrace
  • to maintain (Latin: “manu tenere” “hold in the hand” -> Old French “maintenir”)
  • to nose (around)
  • to rub elbows (with)
  • to circulate (currency, ideas, etc.)
  • tongue (language)
  • language (langue, tongue)
  • linguistics
  • head (of an institution, an implement, a group)
  • body (of a group or collectively, e.g., “… of the U.S. Congress”)
  • foot (of a structure; e.g., “…of the bed”)
  • foot/feet (unit of measurement)
  • elbow (something with a sharp bend, like a road or river)
  • eye (of a weather event; of a needle)

Una lista preliminaria de palabras en castellano basadas en metáforas corporales:

  • abrazar
  • encabezar
  • manejar (latín: “manus” [mano] y “agere” [llevar acabo, mover adelante] -> italiano “maneggiare”)
  • mantener (latín: “manu tenere”)
  • encarar(se)
  • lenguaje
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Das Racist “Combination Pizza Hut And Taco Bell”

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Mykki Blanco “David Blaine Bitches” (Acapella Rap)

“Yes, it’s important for me as a hip hop artist to always strive to be innovative but not forget my roots, and my roots are in raw acapella punk poetry much in the cinema verité style the video is shot in.” – Mykki Blanco, from interview with Dazed Digital

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The Best Female Hip Hop Dancers from Around the Globe

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El Général “Rais Le Bled”: Hip Hop and the Arab Spring in Tunisia

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Writing Women Out of Hip Hop History

The Wikipedia page (in English) on hip hop is quite long, and yet it only manages to mention – briefly – two women: Lil’ Kim and M.I.A.

No Missy Elliot. No Queen Latifah. No Roxanne Shanté. No Left Eye. No Lady of Rage. No Lauryn Hill (though the Fugees are mentioned without reference to Lauryn). Not even the best selling female rap group of all time, Salt-N-Pepa, is mentioned. Now, how does that happen?

Glaring omissions like these are not an appropriate way to honor hip hop’s history and the female MCs and DJs who helped to build it. It is, indeed, writing women out of the history of hip hop. Continue reading

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Hip-Hop Freestyle by Omar Performan

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Themselves “Gold Teeth Will Roll” (Live)

Themselves fall under the experimental hip hop/avanthop subgenre of hip hop. I first heard them on the Anticon collective’s Music for the Advancement of Hip Hop, which is widely regarded as one of – if not the – first avant garde hip hop albums.

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Dirty Projectors “Temecula Sunrise”

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Deaf Education and Structural Violence

“Any situation in which some men prevent others from engaging in the process of inquiry is one of violence; … to alienate humans from their own decision making is to change them into objects.”
― Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed

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