The Absurdity of Myth is Its Truth

That we want to believe certain myths is often as telling as the myths themselves, but when we accept that they are not true, what do we embrace instead if anything at all? What of ourselves must we also lose when we allow our preferred myths to fail?

“Myth Fail” is a dance piece that I filmed at the Tijuana Estuary, which is located on the U.S. side of the U.S.-Mexico border. The estuary is a protected coastal wetland situated in the southwestern-most corner of the contiguous U.S. The mesa in the background toward the upper-left corner of the video keeps Tijuana visually present in every shot while the movement, accompanied by Boards of Canada‘s song, “In a Beautiful Place out in the Country,” is set on U.S. soil. In spite of the political separation dividing the estuary from Tijuana, the fates of the two places are still deeply intertwined. The estuary is a salt marsh that acts as a natural filter for the water that flows through it and into the Pacific Ocean. It is itself a border between the land and the sea.

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